Approved But No Pay Date What Do I Do: Quick Fix

Do you find yourself in the situation where you’re approved but no pay date what do I do? – In this article I will share my easy and effective trick and tips to receive a pay date after you’ve been approved. This is guaranteed to work!

SASSA R350 Grant

For the benefit of people who were most at risk, the award was established during the Covid-19 pandemic. The most recent extension, to March 2024, was one of many.

Most people who have suffered unemployment or those who are unemployed can receive a R350 per month to their bank account or other payment method specified.

How Do I Apply for R350 Grant

Besides knowing the way to solving the approved but no pay date what do I do dilemma, not everyone knows how to apply for the R350 grant.

Here are the steps to apply:

Visit the SRD grant webpage for Sassa.
To apply online, use the “click here” button.
After entering your mobile number, click “send SMS.”
You will receive a One Time Pin (OTP) at the number you supplied.
Type the OTP in
The Declaration and Consent documents’ clauses should be verified and accepted.
Input your personal information.
Give your mobile number, information about your job, and details about your sustainable lifestyle.
Give your banking information.
To finish your application, adhere to the instructions.

You can also apply for SASSA R350 grant via WhatsApp.

Can I Collect my R350 Without Pay Date
No, you will need to be approved and receive a pay date which will tell you when your SRD money comes in.

Okay, so let’s get to the main issue at hand which is being approved but no pay date what do I do.

Approved But No Pay Date What Do I Do

SASSA has made people aware that if it states ‘’approved but no pay date’’ then you should just update your banking details, however this does not always work so here is my trusted solution.
To fix approved but no pay date what do I do issue, simply click on ‘’update application or details’’ then re-enter certain information such as your ID, occupation and click submit.
A bright yellow tick will then show which will help you now see the pay date.
Lastly, you can just be patient and wait till a pay date is assigned to you.
By following the above trick or solution, you are basically forcing the pay date to show which can be a good idea.

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Can You Receive R350 Grant via CashSend?
Yes, the option to receive your grant via Cashsend is still available.

Who Can Apply for R350 Grant
Applicants must satisfy the eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for the R350 grant.

South African citizens without jobs, long-term residents, refugees, asylum seekers, and those in possession of special permits
between the ages of 18 and 59
The amount of money in your bank account, not your monthly salary, which is not allowed to be higher than R624.

We hope this guide on ‘’approved but no pay date what do I do’’ helps you and lessens the stress of figuring out when you’ll receive your R350 grant.