What Happens If You Stop Taking Apetito Pills: My 30-Day Results

There are women out there trying to lose weight by doing whatever it takes, and then there is me. I started using Apetito pills for weight gain six months ago after reading about it online and seeing many women also making use of it to help gain weight and make those curves pop.

However, after learning to make some lifestyle changes, I decided it’s time to stop these apetito pills and find other alternatives but I did wonder what happens if you stop taking apetito pills and I am ready to share my 30-day results with you all.

There is no denying that using apetito pills for weight gain defiantly works wonders.

What is Apetito Pills?

Before you take anything, you should first know more about it. In simple terms, the use of Apetito pills is to help you gain an appetite which in turn makes you want to eat more and gain weight drastically.

It is a stimulant of some kind and does work because I can vouch for that one hundred percent.

Apetito pills used for weight gain is one of the most popular reasons women mainly take these meds and its understandable if you look at what society portrays.

What Happens If You Stop Taking Apetito Pills

When you stop taking Apetito pills, you will notice some weight loss and your body will become sensitive. The reason this happens is because your appetite is now supressed so you become susceptible to cravings, weight loss and a reduced appetite.

I can confirm this is what happened to me after I stopped the use of Apetito pills which I took consistently.

I also recommend you read further down to see other important questions and more on my experience.

Apetito Pills Side Effects

Now with most things, there will be side effects present but not everyone goes through it.

Here are some common side effects you may experience:

You can experience a dry mouth, dizziness, confusion, blurred vision, and even constipation.

It is important to note that this pill is not FDA approved so you need to use it with caution.

There are also more serious apetito pill side effects such as heart problems, liver damage and seizures.

Touch wood, I have not experienced any of these.

How Long Does Apetito Take to Work

It can take up to one month before you notice dramatic changes in your diet and weight gain journey. You should be patient when taking apetito but also pay attention to your body and how you feel.

How to Drink Apetito Pills

You can drink apetito pills once daily with a full glass of water, it is best you take it early in the morning before or with breakfast.

If you happen to miss a dose, then take it the next day.

How Many Apetito Tablets Should I Take Per Day

It is advised you only take one tablet a day in the morning with a full glass of water. You may increase the dose to two tablets if you do not notice any changes within one month.

Disadvantages of Apetito Pills

The disadvantages of apetito pills can include the dependence of it which means you may become somewhat addicted and find it hard to quit.

Taking these pills should not be for long term but short term, this is why I decided to stop it as soon as possible.

Is Apetito Dangerous

No, apetito is not dangerous as long as your dose is low and not abused. Side effects can occur but you should monitor yourself daily.

Are Apetito Pills Safe

Yes, apetito pills are safe if used correctly. Read the dosage instructions and keep alert for any nasty side effects if they happen.

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Apetito Pills and Pregnancy – Should I Worry?

Apetito pills should avoided during pregnancy, there isn’t much research on it and the effects it may have during pregnancy. It is best you steer clear of it until your pregnancy is over.

Also remember that you would gain weight during pregnancy as well.

How to Stop Apetito Pills

I think it is good that you want to stop taking them and you can but do not rush it. You need to gradually decrease the dose or the amount of time you take it.

Keep hydrated because your body will go through some changes as you slowly wean off.

Eat healthy foods to help maintain the weight you have gained; you can also track your calories.

Focus on Alternatives

Here are some tips related to what happens if you stop taking apetito pills.

While these pills can help you gain weight, you should make some lifestyle changes. Here is what worked for me!

Count Calories: I know it can be a pain but it helps a ton if you can count calories, there are many apps available and you can eat whatever you want.

Get Active: Again, yes exercise is important for weight loss but also weight gain, focus on strength and weight training.

Supplements: These are tested powders which can help you pack on weight easily by making some milkshakes during the day.

Can You Find Apetito Pills at Clicks

No, Clicks do not stock apetito pills, you can find other appetite related meds available to help you lose or gain weight.

Frequently Asked Questions on What happens if you stop taking apetito pills

Can I stop apetito suddenly?

You can but not advised too, a gradual decrease would be better.

Can I start the pills again abruptly?

Yes, but make sure you are no experiencing any side effects from day one.

Are there any long-term problems with Apetito?

Unfortunately, there is not much research to give a solid answer on this.

How long till the body adjusts?

It can vary from person to person but usually within a month of consistent usage.

Apetito and ARVs

You can take them together to help you gain weight, there is not much research on the effects of it but apetito is regarded as a ‘’supplement’’ and should be safe.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to share my thoughts and experience on what happens if you stop taking apetito pills as many women who would want to stop may feel intimidated or unaware of what happens.

You can rest assure that if you follow the steps above, you will be fine.