Does Bash Deliver on Weekends?

Popular fashion and leisure website Bash has completely changed the way South Africans shop. Bash’s extensive selection of brands and intuitive design make it understandable why so many people now visit it first. Still, a common inquiry is does Bash deliver on the weekends. We shall go into the specifics and address this query in this blog post.

What is Bash?

Understand what Bash is before we go into the delivery part. Over 200 of the biggest brands in the world are represented in the extensive selection of goods available on the fashion and lifestyle buying site Bash. The platform is made to give consumers a smooth shopping experience so they can access their preferred brands and items from the comfort of their own homes.

Delivery Choices

To meet the wide range of demands of its clients, Bash provides a range of delivery choices. For clients looking to cut expenses on shipping, the portal offers free delivery on orders over R500. Customers that would rather pick up their orders in person will find Bash convenient as it provides free collection from more than 800 collect locations.

Does Bash Deliver on Weekends?

No, Bash does not deliver on weekends. The platform understands the importance of convenience and flexibility, which is why it offers week day delivery options to its customers.

How long does it take Bash to deliver?

Except on public holidays, Bash ships orders within three to five business days on the date they are placed.  Orders placed over the weekends, then, will normally be handled on Monday, the following business day.

Regional locations may take up to seven business days for delivery.

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is when Bash delivers.  Although weekend deliveries are not specifically stated, orders placed over the weekend are probably going to be handled and delivered on the following working days.

Delivery of furniture is done apart from other goods, and the distance from the warehouse determines the delivery cost.  Customers who place furniture orders will hear from a Bash representative to confirm delivery dates and timings.

Bash typically delivers between three to five working days, while delivery to remote places may take up to seven working days. Orders placed over the weekend will probably be handled and delivered the following working days. Furniture is delivered separately and costs vary according to distance.

What courier service does Bash use?

Delivering most of its orders, Bash uses RAM and OTD. Customers place their orders with these courier services, and after their order is turned over, they get immediate updates from these couriers on the progress of their delivery.

Is Bash part of TFG?

The Foschini Group (TFG) does include Bash. Over 200 of the biggest brands in the world are available on South Africa’s Bash fashion and lifestyle buying site, which also features 2000+ new products introduced every week. Bash is a division of TFG, the top fashion and lifestyle retailer in South Africa with 29 brands spread over more than 3,000 physical locations on the continent, the UK, and Australia.


In conclusion to does bash deliver on weekends. The weekend delivery service offered by the site is made to give users the convenience and flexibility they require. Bash is dedicated to make buying as simple and convenient as feasible, and they offer a variety of delivery choices, including same-day, next-day, and standard delivery.

Bash has you covered whether you’re shopping for a particular occasion or just need a new outfit for the next week. Anyone wishing to update their lifestyle or wardrobe will find Bash to be the ideal location with its wide selection of brands and intuitive interface. Shop with Bash anyway you like; your weekend delivery is only a click away.