Bepanthen Cream for Face: Results After 30 Days

I love testing new face creams and finding the best solution for my pesky dry skin which bothers me so much during winter, that is when a friend recommended me Bepanthen cream for face which apparently does wonders on these types of days.

Bepanthen has been around for quiet some time now and has many uses among just face care. I decided to learn as much as I could about this product and made note of my results after 30 days which can be read below.

The Importance of Hydration and Skin Protection

As you know drinking water is important, its stressed by many doctors and even family therefore the same applies to what you use on your skin.

Bepanthen face cream applied to the skin regularly can help fight the suns UV rays and protect the skin. The lack of water and face care can cause dehydration which does not sit well with your skin.

What is Bepanthen Face Cream

Before learning how to use Bepanthen cream for face, you should know more about the product you apply as it can help you understand if it will agree to your skin. Just like when you take any meds, research is vital.

Bepanthen is a mild and gentle cream that helps promote the healing of skin and making you look like you just applied some really expensive cream on your face when in actual fact, its extremely affordable.

According to the Bepanthen ingredients, it contains pro vitamin B5 which is all good and keeps your skin happy.

Bepanthen Cream for Face

I can positively say that the magic of Bepanthen cream for face lies in its main formulation. It seems gentle and can adapt to all skin types. It is free from any skin threatening ingredients whilst providing beautiful looking skin.

The best thing about Bepanthen is that it has non-comedogenic properties which means say goodbye to clogged pores and possible skin damage.

Bepanthen face cream also contains Dexpanthenol, it helps to retain and keep in the moisture. Another cool thing about out friend Dex is that it also helps the skin barrier which in turn keeps skin looking much more healthy.

How Bepanthen Cream Works

Bepanthen Cream for face works by providing moisture, remember hydration and moisture are key elements to providing good looking skin.

Our skin barrier is there for a reason and that reason is too promote overall skin health regardless of age and skin type.

We have a thing called Lipids, and let us just say that lipids are our soldiers for helping keep our skin glowing.

Bepanthen Cream for Face Benefits

Now let us get down to some of the best Bepanthen cream benefits we can possibly experience:

SPF Protection: SPF is vital for our skin, in short we need it to help our skin fight the harsh sun rays and other environmental factors. Most Bepanthen products contain the SPF 25 which is more than enough.

Hydration: Bepanthen boast about their 48 hour hydration, so you can expect soft feeling and looking skin for two whole days!

Fights Acne: Because Bepanthen contains certain ingredients, it can help prevent further breakouts and if you’re an acne sufferer then that’s lovely news.

Reduces Oily Skin: Like many including myself, oily skin can be a major problem, luckily this cream can help reduce oily skin by 50%

How to Use Bepanthen Cream

Here is my quick step guide on how to apply Bepanthen cream:

Firstly, you need only a small amount so think pea sized amount.

Apply it daily which means no skipping morning and night.

Gently massage it into the skin, making sure to get the whole face.

My Experience Using Bepanthen

I have used this for over 30 days now and have seen positive results. It’s simple to apply and just forget about it because it is so light on the skin. I advise you all to give it a try and see if it works for you.

I will mention that all our skin is different so take this with a pinch of salt, also first do a patch test before applying to the face to make sure you are not allergic or face certain side effects.

You can also use this cream over another cream if you have really bad dry skin. Both would not interact or cause problems.

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Difference Between Bepanthen Cream and Ointment

There are very little differences between Bepanthen cream and ointment. It mainly relates to the base, absorption, and sustainability.

In summary, it all depends on what your skin goals are and what you need to achieve. The Bepanthen ointment and cream can also sometimes work together to get your desired results.

Bepanthen Cream for Dark Spots

Bepanthen cream does not help with dark spots. This cream is mainly used to provide moisture to the skin and protect the skin barrier which we all rely on for good looking skin.

Final Thoughts

Bepanthen cream for face provides a gentle solution to dry and irritable skin. While my results have been positive, I will continue using this cream for an extended period as I’ve found it to work well for my dry skin.

Finding a good face cream can take time but once you do, you’ll thank yourself.