How Long Does Money Stay in eWallet FNB?

As technology advances, traditional methods of banking are evolving, making way for innovative financial solutions such as eWallet. So, how long does money stay in eWallet FNB?

What is an eWallet?

An eWallet is a virtual account that enables users to perform financial transactions without the need for physical cash. It serves as a secure repository for funds, accessible through a mobile application or web portal.

how long does money stay in eWallet FNB

With an eWallet, users can conveniently make payments, transfer money, and even withdraw funds without relying on traditional banking channels.

How Does eWallet Work

FNB eWallet is a popular eWallet service offered by First National Bank in South Africa. It allows FNB customers and non-customers alike to create a digital wallet linked to their mobile number.

This service offers a simple and efficient way to send money to individuals who may not have a bank account or prefer not to use traditional banking services.

FNB app

How Does eWallet Work (Continued)

To use FNB eWallet, users need to have a valid South African mobile number. Once registered, they can receive money from FNB customers or non-customers directly into their eWallet.

The funds can be used to make payments, send money to other eWallet, or even withdraw cash at designated FNB ATMs or selected retailers.

How Long Does Money Stay in eWallet FNB

Money that is collected from another can stay for fifteen days in an eWallet that is not active.

In the case of FNB eWallet, funds received will remain in the eWallet until they are used or withdrawn by the recipient.

FNB eWallet Helpline

You can make contact with the FNB eWallet Helpline on 087 575 9405

FNB eWallet Problems

If you face any FNB eWallet problems, you can send them an email at

eWallet Withdrawal Steps

Here are the basic eWallet withdrawal steps:

Go to a FNB ATM

Choose the green button.

Choose ‘eWallet Services’.

how long does money stay in eWallet FNB

Enter your cellphone number.

Enter the ATM PIN you received via an SMS.

Select the amount to withdraw.

How to Reverse eWallet

Here are some basic steps on how to reverse eWallet.

Dial the code *120*321# on your phone.

Choose 4, (Send Money)

Choose 5, (eWallet Reversal)

Pick the transaction that you want to reverse and follow the prompts.

How to Check eWallet Balance

using phone

Finding your eWallet Balance isn’t hard, simply dial the code *120*277# and follow the prompts to check your eWallet balance.

How to Get eWallet Pin Without Airtime

In most cases, you do not need airtime to get your eWallet pin

Features and benefits of FNB eWallet

FNB eWallet provides several features and benefits that make it a convenient and reliable financial tool. Some key features include:

Easy registration: Users can quickly create an eWallet using their mobile number, without the need for a bank account.

Convenient transactions: Sending and receiving money through FNB eWallet is fast and hassle-free.

how long does money stay in eWallet FNB

Cash withdrawals: Users can withdraw cash from their eWallet at FNB ATMs or participating retailers.

Send money to anyone: Funds can be sent to any mobile number in South Africa, including non-FNB customers.

24/7 availability: FNB eWallet services are accessible anytime, anywhere, providing flexibility to users.


In conclusion, knowing how long does money stay in eWallet FNB can help you be aware of the balance you have remaining. The duration for which money stays in an eWallet, such as FNB eWallet, depends on the user’s transaction activity and individual circumstances.

how long does money stay in eWallet FNB

By understanding the features, benefits, and factors that affect eWallet funds, users can effectively manage their eWallet balance and make the most of this innovative financial tool. With FNB eWallet, users can enjoy the flexibility of digital transactions while maintaining control over their funds.