How to Deposit Money at Capitec ATM: Easy Guide

Here’s our easy guide on how to deposit money at Capitec atm. We’ll also answer some important questions related to using a Capitec atm and what’s the best convenient way to deposit and withdraw.

Why Capitec ATMs

Capitec ATMs are strategically located across South Africa, making them easily accessible for most customers. Whether you’re in the city or a rural area, you’re likely to find a Capitec ATM nearby.

This convenience allows you to deposit money whenever it suits you, without the need to visit a physical branch.

One of the notable advantages of using Capitec ATMs is the lower transaction fees compared to traditional bank branches. You can save on fees by choosing to deposit your money through the ATM, making it a cost-effective option for managing your finances.

Capitec Bank takes security seriously, and their ATMs are equipped with advanced security features to protect your transactions. These include card verification methods, PIN protection, and surveillance cameras, ensuring that your money is safe during the deposit process.

You will need the following to make a deposit at Capitec ATM:

  • Your bank card.
  • The money you wish to deposit.

How to Deposit Money at Capitec ATM – With Card

Inserting your card: Begin by inserting your Capitec debit or credit card into the card slot on the ATM.

Entering your PIN: Once your card is inserted, you’ll be prompted to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to proceed.

Selecting “Deposit”: On the ATM’s main menu, select the “Deposit” option.

Choosing the account type: You’ll be asked to choose the type of account you’re depositing the money into, such as savings or current.

Counting and inserting cash: Carefully count the cash you want to deposit and insert it into the designated slot on the ATM.

Confirming the deposit: The ATM will prompt you to confirm the deposit amount. Double-check to ensure its correct, and then confirm the transaction.

How to Deposit Money at Capitec ATM Without Card

How to deposit money at a Capitec ATM without card is as follow:

On the screen of the Capitec ATM, tap.

Select the Deposit Money menu item.

If you choose to proceed with the third party deposit, you will be prompted. Select Yes.

Your Capitec account number must be entered. If you are sending money to someone else, you can also enter their account number.

Click the Confirm button after making sure the account number is accurate.

Now, insert the money as instructed. You insert it into the same slot that you use to withdraw money normally.

It will take a few seconds for the system to confirm how much money you have put. Once that is finished, press the Done button.

To complete the transaction, press the Yes button.

Now, a slip describing the transaction will be given to you.

Types of Funds Accepted

Capitec ATMs are designed for cash deposits only. You cannot deposit checks or other forms of payment through the ATM.

Time Restrictions

Capitec ATMs are generally available for deposits 24/7, but occasional maintenance may lead to temporary unavailability. Plan your deposits accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.


The above guide should assist you on how to deposit money at Capitec ATM with or without a card.