How to Deregister at UNISA: Easy Guide

Life presents us with unexpected challenges which can alter the course of life such as being unable to pay for our studies or feel unmotivated. This guide will serve to help you with how to deregister at UNISA.

What is Deregistration?

Deregistration is the formal process of withdrawing from courses or canceling your enrollment at UNISA.

It is essential to grasp the concept of deregistration, as it may have financial and academic implications. Whether you are experiencing personal difficulties, facing health issues, or simply reevaluating your educational path, knowing how to deregister can help you make informed decisions.

Preparing for Deregistration

Before you initiate the deregistration process, ensure you have all the necessary documents and information ready.

You will typically need your student ID, course details, and a valid reason for deregistration.

Review UNISA’s academic calendar to understand important dates, such as the registration and withdrawal deadlines.

The below steps will assist with how to deregister at UNSA.

How to Deregister at UNISA

Step 1: Log In

To begin the deregistration process, log in to your UNISA student portal using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Deregistration

Locate the “Deregistration” or “Withdrawal” section on your student portal. This is where you will initiate the process.

Step 3: Select Courses

Choose the specific courses you wish to deregister from. You may deregister from one or more courses as needed.

Step 4: Provide Reason

Explain the reason for your deregistration. UNISA may require documentation for certain reasons, such as medical issues.

Step 5: Confirmation

Review your selections and confirm your deregistration. Double-check the courses and details before proceeding.

Step 6: Submit

Submit your deregistration request through the online portal. Keep a copy of the confirmation for your records.

Common Reasons for Deregistration

Students deregister for various reasons, including unexpected life events, changing career goals, or academic challenges. Here are some common scenarios:

Severe illness or injury can make it difficult to continue with coursework.

Shifts in employment or work-related responsibilities may necessitate deregistration.

Caring for a family member or having a child can impact your ability to study.

Financial difficulties might force students to reconsider their education at a particular time.

Alternatives to Deregistration

Before choosing to deregister, explore alternative options that may better suit your situation. UNISA offers alternatives like course deferment, reducing your course load, or taking a temporary leave of absence.

These options can help you maintain your connection to the university while addressing your unique circumstances.

Here are some extra tips on how to deregister at UNISA smoothly:

Keep all documentation organized.

Maintain open communication with professors and advisors.

Review the refund policy and deadlines carefully.

Keep copies of all correspondence related to deregistration.

Seek emotional and academic support from friends and family.

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Can You Cancel or Deregister Another Way?

Yes, you can go directly to UNISA to quickly help with deregistering. Make sure to carry the required documents.


There are various reasons why someone would look into how to deregister at UNISA and sadly there are no ways to avoid this, we must however learn to move on and strive through the difficulties.