How to Let Discovery Know You are Traveling

When you’re packing your bags and planning an exciting journey, there’s something more you need to remember besides your toothbrush and sunscreen. It’s how to let discovery know you are traveling, it’s crucial to let them know about your travel plans. This helps ensure that your financial transactions go smoothly while you’re exploring new horizons.

Why Let Discovery Know You are Traveling?

Just like you tell your friend when you’re going on a trip, it’s a good idea to inform Discovery too. Why? Because if you don’t, their security systems might see your card being used in a different country and raise an eyebrow. They work hard to protect your money, and unexpected international transactions might trigger a fraud alert. You don’t want your card blocked while you’re sipping coconut water on a faraway beach, right?

How to Let Discovery Know You are Traveling: Simple Steps to Follow

Log into Your Account: Visit the Discovery website and log into your account. Remember, it’s like logging into your social media, just a bit more serious.

Find the Travel Section: Look around for a section related to travel or notifications. It’s like searching for your favorite book in a library – you just need to find the right aisle.

Enter Your Travel Details: This is where you spill the beans about your travel dates and the countries you’ll be visiting. It’s like telling your mom where you’re going, but in this case, it’s a smart thing to do.

Contact Information: They might want to reach you if they spot anything fishy. Share your contact details, so they can send you a message or give you a call if needed. It’s like giving your buddy your new number.

Double-Check and Submit: Review the info you’ve given, just like you review your homework before handing it in. If everything looks good, hit that submit button!

Why Should You Care?

Imagine this: you’re in the middle of a foreign market, eyeing those beautiful handcrafted souvenirs. You pick one, swipe your card, and boom! Your card gets declined. Not the best situation, right? By letting Discovery know about your travel plans, you’re preventing such embarrassing moments. It’s like having a secret code to make sure your card works smoothly.

But What About Security?

Besides knowing how to let discovery know you are traveling, you might be wondering, “Is it safe to give out my travel details?” Absolutely! Think of it like telling your teacher you’re attending a field trip.

They need to know how to take care of things at school, right? Discovery keeps your travel info safe and uses it to make sure your transactions aren’t flagged as suspicious.

roadtrip traveling

How to Earn Discovery Miles

Here are some ways on how to earn discovery miles:

When you purchase healthy food at Pick & Pay or Woolworths, you will receive 75% back in Discovery Miles.

Items from HealthCare at Clicks or Dis-Chem gets 50% back.

50% off on Healthy Baby products at Dis-Chem Baby City, Babies R Us, and Toys R Us.

25% off healthier meal alternatives through Uber Eats’ Healthy Dining program at participating restaurants, convenience stores, and ready-made meal providers

When you refuel at BP and certain Shell service stations or when you take an Uber, you can receive up to 20% back in Discovery Miles on qualifying purchases.

When you use your Discovery Bank credit card to make eligible transactions, you will accrue Discovery Miles.

How Much is 1000 Discovery Miles

You can exchange 10 Discovery Miles for 1 Rand when redeeming them. A simple calculation will then reveal how much 1,000 discovery miles is.

How to Cancel Discovery Medical Aid

Here’s how to cancel discovery medial aid:

If you intend to withdraw yourself or your dependents from the Discovery Health Medical Scheme, you must notify them 30 days in advance (one calendar month in advance).

How Long Does It Take for Money to Reflect from Discovery Bank to Capitec?

It may take up to two or three business days for transactions between banks to reflect. Holidays and weekends are not included in this. You can use immediate transfer via Capitec in the future for faster transfer results for an extra R7 cost.

Discovery Miles Partner

  • Coricraft
  • Travelstart
  • SafariNow
  • Dial-a-bed

Travel Smart, Travel Safe

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want is trouble with your money. By taking a few minutes to notify Discovery about your adventure, you’re taking a smart step to avoid any financial hiccups. It’s like packing an extra pair of socks – just a little preparation goes a long way.

In a Nutshell:

Going on a trip? Let Discovery in South Africa know.

It’s like telling a friend about your plans, but this friend handles your money.

Log into your account on their website.

Find the travel section – it’s not hiding, don’t worry!

Share your travel dates and destinations.

Give them a way to contact you if needed.

Review and submit – easy as pie!

Discovery International Travel Benefit Letter

Discovery, a South African-based financial services company, offers a range of benefits, including those related to international travel.

The Discovery International Travel Benefit letter is a document provided by Discovery to its members, outlining the travel insurance coverage and assistance services available during overseas trips. This letter is a critical document for travelers as it serves as proof of insurance coverage, detailing the extent of benefits such as emergency medical assistance, evacuation services, trip cancellations, and baggage protection.

The letter typically includes essential information like the policyholder’s details, policy number, coverage dates, and emergency contact information. It is advisable for Discovery members to carry this letter when traveling internationally to present it if needed, especially in situations requiring medical attention or when making travel-related claims.

Understanding the contents of the Discovery International Travel Benefit letter is crucial for travelers to make informed decisions and access the necessary support in case of unexpected events during their journeys. Keep in mind that benefit details and offerings may have evolved, so it’s advisable to check with Discovery for the most current and accurate information regarding their international travel benefits.


So, next time you’re jetting off on a new adventure, remember to use this guide on how to let Discovery know you are traveling. Your money will thank you, and you can focus on the important things – like finding the perfect souvenir or trying out exotic food. Happy travels!