How to Make Waves with Sunlight Soap: Full Tutorial

South Africans know this soap well, it’s been around for as long as I can remember but today, you’ll read the ultimate guide on how to make waves with Sunlight soap among it’s other uses and become more stylish with your hairdo.

What is Sunlight Soap?

I believe everyone knows Sunlight soap in Mzansi but in general it was originally manufactured by Lever Brothers, has stood the test of time for over a century. It’s renowned for its exceptional cleaning properties and natural ingredients, making it a favorite for generations. But what sets it apart is its eco-friendly nature.

Sunlight Soap Uses

One of the remarkable feats Sunlight soap accomplishes is effective cleaning. From laundry to dishes and various surfaces, this soap is your secret weapon against stubborn stains and grime. Its powerful formula ensures that even the toughest dirt is no match.

Sunlight soap isn’t just for your home; it’s also for you. Its mild and gentle nature makes it an excellent choice for personal hygiene. Use it as a body soap to enjoy clean, soft skin, or include it in your hair care routine for shiny, healthy locks.

Beyond cleaning, Sunlight soap has a myriad of household applications. It can be used to lubricate sticky drawers, remove crayon marks from walls, and even repel moths from your closet. With Sunlight soap, you’re not just cleaning; you’re simplifying your life.

Garden enthusiasts will also find value in Sunlight soap. It can be dissolved in water and sprayed on plants to deter pests naturally. Plus, its biodegradable nature ensures it won’t harm your garden’s ecosystem.

The Benefits of Sunlight Soap

I know you are mainly here to learn how to make waves with sunlight soap but hearing the benefits wont hurt.

One of the key reasons to embrace Sunlight soap is its eco-friendliness. Unlike many commercial cleaning products, Sunlight soap is biodegradable and comes with minimal packaging. By choosing Sunlight, you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

It also is used by many people who swear it’s the best for skin and hair health.

How to Make Waves with Sunlight Soap

Now let’s get to the main tutorial on how to make waves with Sunlight Soap

1. Start by wetting your hair.

2. Moisten the Sunlight soap with water.

3. Slide your hair forward and apply Sunlight soap.

4. Start brushing your hair vigorously for at least six minutes.

5. Rinse the soap out of your hair.

6. Repeat step 6 and apply the soap again.

7. For around 20 to 30 minutes, use the firm brush to brush your hair in the direction that it grows.

8. Use a soft brush and brush for about 10 minutes in the same manner as before.

9. Slide your hair forward in the same manner as you applied the soap for 1 minute.

10.Put on your Durag and tie it up.

11.Rinse the soap out of your hair while wearing the Durag.

Is Sunlight Soap Good for Skin

Many people use Sunlight soap to wash their face and body and is suitable for the use on almost all skin types. However, some people have extremely sensitive skin so you should monitor it after using it.

Does Sunlight Soap Remove Pimples

No, Sunlight soap has no active ingredients to help minimize or remove pimples. You can however create a facial mask to possibly prevent pimples.

Sunlight Soap for Constipation

It is not advisable to use Sunlight soap for any form of constipation in adults or babies.

Can I Use Sunlight Soap to Wash my Hair?

Yes, you can use Sunlight to wash your hair.

Does Sunlight Soap Remove Dark Spots

No, unfortunately Sunlight Soap does not remove dark spots.

How to Make Waves with Vaseline

Now that you know how to make waves with sunlight soap, here is another good method:

Before beginning the training process, be certain that your hair and scalp are in good condition. Get a new haircut to ensure that your edges and hair are straight and even.

Get a wave brush, a wave cap (sometimes called a stocking or durag), and Vaseline for your wave training. Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, replaces hair pomade, which only serves to keep your hair moisturized and encourage it to lay flat. For curly, soft-textured hair, go for a brush with soft to medium bristles; for coarser hair, go for a brush with medium to hard bristles.

Aim for at least three to four brushing sessions every day when combing your hair. Directly toward your forehead, sideways toward your temples, and finally downward toward the nape of your neck, brush. While relaxing, such as while watching television, brush your hair. 50 strokes should be made through each region of hair during one session.

After brushing your hair, apply Vaseline in the shape of a nickel. This will not only help with the lay down but it will also give your hair hydration and sheen. The product will get oily and light in color if you use it too much. After every session, put your wave hat on.

How to Make Waves without a Durag Step by Step

To get 360 waves without a durag, start by wetting your hair. Next, apply some wave grease or pomade to your hair and massage it in with your fingers. Then, use a brush to brushed your hair down in the direction you want the waves to go. Finally, secure a bandanna or scarf around your head and let your hair air dry overnight.

Remember you can still learn how to make waves with sunlight soap.

Applying shampoo to your hair is one of the most important steps in getting 360 waves. You need to make sure that all of your hair is covered with shampoo, and that you massage it into your scalp for a few minutes. Once you have applied shampoo, you should rinse it out thoroughly.

If you’re wondering how to get 360 waves without a durag, the answer is by applying product. Read on to find out more about how much product to use and what kind of products work best.

If you want to get 360 waves without a durag, you need to apply the right amount of product. Too much will make your hair greasy and weigh it down, while too little will do nothing for your wave game. The key is finding that perfect middle ground where your hair looks healthy, feels soft, and has just enough hold to keep those luscious locks in place all day long.


We hope this guide on how to make waves with Sunlight soap is able to up your hair game and get those waves you so desire.