Unjani Clinic Abortion Fees: A Guide

Below is everything you need to know regarding Unjani Clinic abortion fees and other information about the Unjani clinic.

The Unjani Clinic Network is implemented and managed by Unjani Clinics NPC, a non-profit corporation and recognized public benefit organization.

Their mission statement in essence states that: the creation of a national, sustainable network of primary healthcare clinics owned and run by nurses, and the empowerment of Black women.

The Unjani Clinic Achievements

Before finding out more about Unjani Clinic abortion fees, here are more interesting info about this remarkable clinic.

  • Investing in future health awards
  • Drivers of a change business accolade
  • Johnson & Johnson award
  • The Top Ten da Vinci Award

The Unjani Clinic Goals

  • to establish a successful network of clinics run by nurses.
  • to establish the standard for providing South Africans with QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE healthcare services
  • to provide the same PASSIONATE COMMITMENT to serving the network that they do for their patients.
  • To offer sustainable enterprises business mentorship and coaching.

Keep reading to learn about Unjani Clinic Abortion Fees.

What Patients Can Expect from Unjani Clinic

Services for private primary care that are:

Convenient and Accessible

Both low cost and high quality

Unjani Clinic Abortion Fees

As of today, Unjani Clinic does not offer any services for abortion. You will need to look at clinics in the area that offer abortion as one of their facilities.

Unjani Clinic Contact Details

You can confirm the above using the following ways:

Phone: +27 12 534 4341


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get abortion pills at Unjani clinic?

No, because Unjani Clinic does not offer abortion.

Is Unjani clinic private or public?

Unjani Clinic is a private clinic.

How much is the sonar at Unjani clinic?

The Sonar is R250 at Unjani Clinic.

The above should assist with Unjani Clinic abortion fees.

Why Do People Get Abortions?

Many abortions occur because the pregnancy was unintended or unplanned. This can happen due to contraceptive failure, lack of access to birth control, or simply not being ready for parenthood at the time.

Some individuals may choose to have an abortion due to concerns about their own physical or mental health. This can include medical conditions that make pregnancy risky or the belief that continuing the pregnancy would negatively impact their overall well-being.

Financial constraints can be a significant factor in the decision to have an abortion. Raising a child can be expensive, and some people may feel that they are not in a stable financial position to support a child adequately.

Difficulties in a relationship, such as an unstable partnership, lack of support from a partner, or concerns about co-parenting, may lead someone to choose abortion as the best option for their circumstances.

Individuals may prioritize their personal and career goals over parenthood at a particular point in their lives. Pursuing education, career advancement, or other life aspirations may lead them to decide that an abortion is the best choice for their future.


While Unjani Clinic does not offer abortions, you can find clinics private and public that can assist with abortions safely as well.