Which Security Company is Hiring Now: [Updated]

Find out which security company is hiring now with this weekly updated list.

The security industry stands as a sentinel, guarding our homes, businesses, and institutions. In the dynamic landscape of South Africa, security companies play an integral role in ensuring safety and peace of mind.

If you’re looking to venture into this noble profession, there’s good news – numerous security companies are actively hiring across the country.

This article serves as your guide to navigating the realm of security employment, highlighting the top companies and the opportunities they offer.

Base Salary for Security Guard or Officer

The base salary for security guards in South Africa typically ranges from R4,000 to R8,000 per month. This can vary based on the region, with metropolitan areas generally offering higher wages due to increased demand and cost of living. Entry-level security guards usually start at the lower end of this range, while those with more experience and specialized skills may earn closer to the upper end.

Experience and Seniority

As security guards gain experience and demonstrate their reliability, their earning potential often increases. After a few years in the field, it’s common for guards to earn between R8,000 and R12,000 per month. This increase reflects the value placed on seasoned professionals who have a strong understanding of security protocols and procedures.

Specialized Roles

Security guards who take on specialized roles may also enjoy higher compensation. For example, armed security guards or those trained in handling advanced security technology might earn between R12,000 and R15,000 per month. These roles require additional training and responsibilities, which are reflected in the higher pay grade.

Location Matters

Location is a significant factor that impacts a security guard’s salary. Guards working in major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban tend to earn more due to the higher living costs associated with these areas. In contrast, security guards working in smaller towns or rural regions might earn slightly lower salaries.

Overtime and Bonuses

Many security companies offer opportunities for overtime work, which can significantly boost a guard’s monthly income. Overtime rates are typically higher than regular hourly wages and can provide a substantial increase in earnings. Additionally, some companies provide performance-based bonuses to reward exceptional dedication and commitment to the job.

Benefits of Working in the Security Industry

In addition to the base salary, security guards may receive benefits such as medical aid, pension contributions, and access to training programs. These benefits can contribute to the overall value of the compensation package.

  • Training programs
  • Access to firearm training
  • Medical benefits
  • Pension

Which Security Company Is Hiring Now – (Updated)

  • Security Guard – Black Body Force which is located in Umhlanga.
  • Security Dog Handler – Nomgwenya Security Services
  • Security Guard – Intaba VIP Security
  • Security Officer – Umhlanga
  • Security Inspector – Wildlife Protection Services
  • Security Officer Grade B – Zingce Security
  • Security Patrol Guard – Marshall Security
  • Bidvest Security Job – Bidvest
  • Security Patrol – KZN VIP
  • Security Officer (Retail) – ADT

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The jobs posts will be updated weekly when new positions are available in each region such as Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and more.

Why Choose a Career in Security

Choosing a career in security offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities for individuals seeking a dynamic and impactful profession. Here are several compelling reasons why one might consider pursuing a career in the security industry:

Fulfilling a Critical Role:

Security professionals play a crucial role in safeguarding people, assets, and information. Whether it’s protecting a physical space, ensuring cybersecurity, or managing emergency responses, the security industry is at the forefront of preserving safety and order.

Diverse Career Paths:

The security field is remarkably diverse, offering a range of specializations. Individuals can explore roles in physical security, cybersecurity, risk management, emergency response, intelligence analysis, and more. This diversity allows professionals to tailor their careers to their interests and strengths.

Constant Demand:

As long as there are people, property, and information to protect, the demand for security professionals will persist. The ever-evolving nature of threats, both physical and digital, ensures a continuous need for skilled and vigilant individuals in the security sector.

Global Opportunities:

Security is a global concern, providing opportunities for professionals to work in various locations around the world. Whether securing international corporations, government institutions, or critical infrastructure, security specialists often find themselves in roles with a global impact.

Technological Advancements:

The integration of technology into the security landscape has created new and exciting opportunities. Security professionals are increasingly leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, surveillance systems, and biometrics to enhance their capabilities and respond to emerging threats.

Challenging and Dynamic Work Environment:

Security professionals thrive in environments that are challenging and dynamic. The nature of the work often requires individuals to think critically, make quick decisions, and adapt to changing situations. This makes a career in security ideal for those who enjoy facing new challenges regularly.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development:

The security industry is characterized by constant evolution. Professionals need to stay abreast of the latest security threats, technologies, and best practices. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that individuals in the field are continually expanding their knowledge and skill sets.

Contributing to Public Safety:

Working in security allows individuals to contribute directly to public safety and the well-being of communities. Whether in law enforcement, private security, or cybersecurity, professionals in the field have a tangible impact on creating a secure and stable society.

Financial Rewards:

The demand for skilled security professionals often translates into competitive salaries and benefits. Specialized roles within the security industry, such as cybersecurity experts or risk analysts, are particularly sought after, providing professionals with rewarding financial opportunities.

Job Satisfaction:

Knowing that one’s work directly contributes to the safety and security of people and organizations can lead to a high level of job satisfaction. The sense of purpose and the knowledge that every day brings new challenges make a career in security fulfilling for many individuals.

A career in security offers a fulfilling, dynamic, and impactful path for individuals who are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of others. The continuous demand for security professionals, coupled with diverse opportunities for specialization and growth, makes this field an attractive choice for those seeking a meaningful and challenging career.


In conclusion to which security company is hiring now, embarking on a career as a security guard in South Africa can be a fulfilling and rewarding journey. The security industry, ever-evolving and crucial in today’s society, offers a range of opportunities for individuals seeking stability, responsibility, and a chance to contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities.

As you consider joining the ranks of security professionals, remember that this field is not only about protecting physical assets but also about building trust and fostering a sense of security in the people you serve. Whether you’re starting as an entry-level guard or aiming for specialized roles, each step you take is a contribution to a safer environment.