Why is Rentoza so Cheap: What’s the Catch?

Have you ever wondered why is Rentoza so cheap? – Well, I did some research and own personal experience to report back my findings and whether this company is worth looking at.

We’ve started a new segment here, where we will test and review South African companies to help you make the best decision and save you some money.

What is Rentoza?

In short, four friends founded the digital business Rentoza with the goal of giving every South African access to high-end goods.

Basically, you wouldn’t own any of these products such as mobile phones but rather rent it. You can however upgrade when needed.

Yes, Rentoza is subscription based, more on this below.

How Does Rentoza Work

Besides the question of ”why is Rentoza so cheap?”, here’s how process works.

Here’s a simple guide on how does Rentoza work:

  • Browse – Explore Rentoza and look for both the things you need and the things you want. Every one of us ought to have access to cutting-edge technology. The most cutting-edge technology and high-end lifestyle products are just a click away.
  • Decide on the product – You alone are responsible for making the decision. After choosing the product and term you desire, simply complete the online checkout process. Take a credit or check card payment for the first month of your subscription. Future payments will be made with this card. Verify your identification, confirm your delivery address, and sign your online subscription contract. Every month, the same day will be used to charge your subscription.
  • Start the Subscription – Your items will be delivered as soon as your first payment is received. Delivery times are listed on each product page, and it is free. However, you can be confident that their customer service team will let you know if there are any unforeseen delays. All of our products come with complete insurance. Theft, damage, and loss are all covered while your subscription is active.
  • Upgrade if needed – Simply return the device for a new model whenever you want to upgrade, or just when you’re done using it.

Why is Rentoza so Cheap

Why is Rentoza so Cheap

Rentoza is cheap because you’re not paying full price for the specified item you choose; you are basically paying a subscription amount each month.

Similarly, to how you would take a cellphone contract out, but the difference is that you do not become the owner.

You pay in chunks or small amounts each month while still keeping the item.

How Long Does Rentoza Take to Deliver

After you have been properly validated, your order will be sent. The ETAs are available on each product page. Note that the ETA timeframe begins following Verification and not at the moment your Order was placed.

Is Rentoza Legit?

Yes, Rentoza is a legit company trying to offer people a chance to own premium products whilst paying less.

Does Rentoza Do Credit Checks

No, Rentoza does not do credit checks.

The above should answer the question of why is Rentoza so cheap, but here’s some more info on the whole idea of renting products.

Is Rentoza Right for You?

To be honest, if you are a fan of the latest tech releases and want to enjoy it but can’t afford the costs then Rentoza can be a good option as well.

It’s important you also do further research and understand if the price is right for you.

Benefits of Renting Products

Renting often requires a lower upfront cost compared to purchasing a product outright. This can be especially advantageous for expensive items like cars, appliances, or electronics. It allows individuals to access and use these items without the need for a significant upfront investment.

Renting offers greater flexibility because it allows you to use a product for a specific period without committing to long-term ownership. This is useful for items that you may only need temporarily, such as tools, party equipment, or vacation homes.

When you rent a product, the responsibility for maintenance and repairs typically falls on the rental company. This can save you time and money compared to owning a product, where you’d be responsible for maintenance and repairs.

Renting gives you the opportunity to try out different products or models before deciding to purchase one. It’s a way to experiment with different options without making a permanent commitment.

Many products, especially high-tech gadgets and vehicles, tend to depreciate in value quickly. By renting, you avoid the financial loss associated with owning an item that loses value rapidly.

Renting can allow you to access and use the latest technology or equipment without the need to constantly buy new items as technology advances.

Some items, like seasonal equipment or large furniture pieces, can take up a lot of storage space when not in use. Renting allows you to use these items when needed and return them when you’re done, freeing up your space.

Renting can be more environmentally friendly because it promotes the sharing of resources and reduces the need for manufacturing and disposal of products.

Renting is ideal for people who prefer not to commit to owning a specific item for an extended period. It provides the freedom to change or upgrade items as needs and preferences evolve.