How Long Does Capitec Cash Send Pin Last

Thanks to technology, making or receiving payments has been much easier compared to past few years.

Capitec, one of South Africa’s leading banks, offers a user-friendly and efficient cash send service that allows customers to send money to family and friends with ease.

This post will explain how long does Capitec cash send pin last and does Capitec cash send expire?

What is Capitec Cash Send?

let’s begin by understanding what it actually is. A Capitec cash send pin is a unique numerical code that is generated for each transaction.

It acts as a safeguard for your money transfer, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the funds. Essentially, it’s your digital key to secure and hassle-free transactions.

Factors Affecting Cash Send Pin Validity

The amount of money you’re sending can affect the validity of the pin. Larger sums may have shorter validity periods for added security.

If the recipient doesn’t use the pin within the stipulated time, it may expire sooner.

Capitec may have security protocols in place that can affect the pin’s validity based on various risk factors.

How Long Does Capitec Cash Send Pin Last

Capitec cash send pin is valid for 3 days. This means that once you initiate a cash send transaction and generate a pin, it must be used within three days to complete the transaction successfully.

Does Capitec Cash Send Expire?

Yes, when you use Capitec Cash transfer to transfer money to someone, they have 30 days to pick it up. The money will be restored to your account if they don’t comply with the request within that time range.

Where Can I Withdraw Capitec Cash Send

You can withdraw Capitec Cash send from the following stores:

  • Checkers
  • Shoprite
  • Usave
  • ATMS (Capitec)
  • Builders
  • Makro

Here are some most frequently asked questions regarding Capitec cash send.

How to Reverse Capitec Cash Send

Follow this simple guide on how to reverse Capitec cash send:

Send a text message to 0860102043.

For a quicker response, you can also contact the number listed above.

Now, a member of the Capitec customer service team will assist you (this may occasionally be frustrating due to lengthy minutes or hours of waiting).

Some security inquiries, such as your name, account number, when you made the transfer, etc., will be made of you if you are fortunate enough to swiftly get in touch with the staff.

The personnel will assist in reversing the sent monies if the security questions are successful.

How to Do Cash Send on Capitec

Here’s how to do cash send on Capitec:

Enter *120*3279# and respond. 9.

Agree to the rules and regulations.

Choose “From” account in response 1.

Please enter the desired donation amount.

Make a 4-digit secret code; it will be used to get the money.

the PIN for your mobile banking.

Capitec Cash Send Limit

The Capitec cash send limit is the app’s transaction maximum is R3,000 per transaction, with a daily cap of R5,000.

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Where to Collect Capitec Cash Send

Visit an ATM at any nearby Pick n Pay, Boxer, Usave, Checkers, Shoprite, or Capitec.

Tell the teller that you have a cash transfer from a Capitec client when you are collecting at one of the partner stores.

After then, the teller will request the reference number.


In conclusion, how long does Capitec cash send pin last, understanding the duration of your Capitec cash send pin’s validity is vital for smooth and secure financial transactions. While these pins typically last for 3 days, factors such as transaction amount and recipient activity can influence their validity.