How to Deposit Money at ABSA ATM: A Guide

Consider this the only guide you’ll need on how to deposit money at ABSA atm – Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers traditional banking, using an ATM for deposits can save you time and effort.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of depositing money at an Absa ATM step by step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Preparing for the Transaction

Before heading to your nearest Absa ATM, there are a few essential steps you should take:

Checking your bank balance

Start by verifying your account balance to ensure you have enough funds to deposit. This step is crucial to avoid overdrafts or any potential issues during the deposit process.

Gathering the necessary items

You will need your Absa debit card, the money you want to deposit (both bills and coins), and a valid ID for verification purposes. Ensure that your card is activated and ready for use.


Using the Absa mobile app

If you have the Absa mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can easily locate the nearest ATM by using the app’s built-in ATM locator feature. It will provide you with directions and real-time information.

ABSA Online Banking

Using the Absa website

Alternatively, you can visit the Absa website and use their ATM locator tool. Enter your location or address, and it will display a list of nearby ATMs.

How to Deposit Money at ABSA ATM

Once you arrive at the ATM, follow these steps:

Inserting your card

Insert your Absa debit card into the card slot provided on the ATM.

Selecting the language

Choose your preferred language for the transaction. Absa ATMs typically offer multiple language options.

Entering your PIN

Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when prompted. Make sure to shield the keypad to protect your PIN from prying eyes.

Choosing the Transaction Type

After successfully entering your PIN, you will be prompted to select the type of transaction you wish to perform.

Deposit options

Select the “Deposit” option to proceed with your deposit.

Selecting the deposit account

Choose the account where you want to deposit the money. This can be your savings or checking account, depending on your preference.

Inserting Cash

Now comes the part where you insert your cash into the ATM.


Use an ATM using your Absa card.

Enter your PIN here.

Visit Additional Services.

Decide on Cash Deposit.

The ATM’s slot will start to open. Put some cash in the machine.

Validate the transaction. At this stage, you can potentially decline the purchase.

Take the card out.

Benefits of ABSA ATM Deposits

Using an Absa ATM for deposits offers several advantages:

ATMs are available 24/7, making it convenient to deposit money at any time that suits you.

ATM deposits are quick and efficient, saving you time compared to traditional banking methods.

ABSA ATM Cash Deposit Fee

  • Withdrawal Fee – Free
  • Deposit Fee – R2 and R11.50 (R500)

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Where Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send

Any PEP store, PEP Home, PEP cell, or PEP cash-out partner accepts withdrawals.

How to Retrieve ABSA Cash Send 10-Digit Code

Select Beneficiaries from the menu by tapping it.

Under the beneficiary’s section, select the Cash Send tab.

To find the recipient whose Cash Send you want to cancel, use the search bar or navigate through the list of beneficiaries.

To view information on all the transactions you have made with the beneficiary, tap the history symbol next to their name.

Tap the More icon next to the Cash Send that you want to cancel after finding it.


The above should assist you on how to deposit money at ABSA atm, Depositing money at an Absa ATM is a straightforward and convenient way to manage your finances. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying vigilant about security.