MTN Call Me Back Code: Quick Tutorial

The MTN Call Me Back Code feature offers a convenient, efficient, effective, and easy-to-remember method for sending urgent messages to others. This tutorial aims to provide comprehensive guidelines on how to use the “Call Me Back” service on MTN.

There are many MTN users who have no idea how to send a call me back or even remember the exact call me back code.

What Is MTN Call Me Back Code?

The MTN “Call Me Back” or callback feature is a convenient way to send a message to your loved ones, friends, family, or siblings, even when you have insufficient airtime. It allows you to inform or request them to call you back without the need for direct communication.

With this feature, you can easily reach out to others and convey your message, even if you are unable to make a call due to limited airtime balance. By using the “Call Me Back” service, you can notify the recipient that you would like them to initiate a call back to you.

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This feature proves particularly useful in situations where you need to communicate urgently or when you are unable to make a direct call. It enables you to stay connected and effectively convey your message, ensuring that important information reaches the intended recipient.

Make the most of the MTN “Call Me Back” feature to stay in touch with your loved ones, friends, and family, even in circumstances where making a direct call may not be possible.

What is the MTN Call Me Back Code

The MTN Call Me Back Code is *121#

Simply, Dial the code *121# followed by the person cell number.

Press ‘’send’’

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MTN Call Me Back Code Rules

To prevent the abuse of the free “Call Me Back” feature, MTN has implemented certain limitations and rules. These measures are put in place to ensure fair usage of the service. Here are the rules and measures outlined by MTN:

Maximum daily limit: You can send a maximum of 5 “Call Me Back” SMS messages within a 24-hour period. This means that in any given day, you are restricted to sending 5 requests for someone to call you back.

Weekly limit: In a week, you are allowed a total of 35 “Call Me Back” requests. This limit applies to the cumulative number of messages you send throughout the week.

24-hour time frame: It’s important to note that the 24-hour limit is not based on a fixed daily schedule. For instance, if you send a “Call Me Back” message between 8am and 9am, you would need to wait until the next day, starting from the time you sent the message, to send another one. The 24-hour period starts counting from the time you made the request, rather than following a calendar day.

How to Personalize MTN Call Me Back

To personalize MTN call me back or change and enter a name using the MTN service, follow these simple steps:

Dial *121# from your mobile phone.

Select option 1 from the menu that appears.

From the subsequent menu, choose the first item listed. This option is typically associated with changing or entering a name.

Follow the prompts provided to modify or enter the desired name.

Once you have finished entering the name, click “okay” or follow any additional instructions to confirm the changes.

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MTN call me back code

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How to Cancel Call Divert on MTN

To deactivate call divert on your MTN SIM card, simply dial the following shortcode: #002#. By entering this code, all call diverts options associated with your SIM card will be erased.

Please ensure that you enter the code correctly as ##002# to successfully deactivate call divert. It is important to note that once the code is dialed, all call divert settings on your SIM card will be reset to their default state.

call divert
MTN call me back code

By deactivating call divert, incoming calls will no longer be redirected to another number or voicemail, allowing them to ring directly on your own mobile device.